I’ve been having blogging issues lately. Some existential, some not. I especially hate the way I’ve neglected my very own PROMPTuesday and after much reflection, believe it’s because I don’t want to do much reflection. More specifically, I haven’t really wanted to plumb the depths of my subconscious. Or, more realistically, just haven’t had the time to crawl down into it. Egad, I’m every which way. Wily and nily. And since whatever I write is committed here for all time, I’m choosing my next few posts carefully because I continue to have those issues alluded to above.


On to the superficial.


Tonight is that essential oil mom’s night out I spoke of earlier. The one the Corner Bakery is catering? The one where I am supposed to decorate the table as part of a catering “challenge?” Well see, there’s something I left out. (Not to you, I tell you everything.) No see, I forgot to tell the Corner Bakery that I am not crafty, that instead I am most uncrafty.


If it were up to me, I’d plunk the containers right on the table and let people have at it. I am also that person who does not re-locate the Costco veggie tray into something more “acceptable” looking. In addition, I leave dips in the plastic containers next to the bag of chips and expect guests to help themselves. I really have no business hosting anything, much less a “challenge” something.


Good Lord, I’m screwed.


So here’s what I’m thinking. I’ll just get a table runner and light a bunch of votives. Perhaps a small fire will start (it’s been known to happen at my house, like when I used a paper towel to “cover” a pot on the stove) and guests will mistake the blaze as a decorating trick.


Huh? Huh? What do you think? Be honest.


The other thing? Is that several neighbors are attending my essential oil party/Corner Bakery Challenge (Hmmmm. That doesn’t really roll off the tongue) and in spite of myself, I feel like I need to make a good impression. So maybe not the fire.


Mayyyybe, I’ll just set the girls’ Halloween pumpkins out and make it a candy party. With oils.


Those are always a big success.


11 Responses to “Incommunicado”

  1. Kizz says:

    One year I lived in a big, communal, job-like situation. I couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving since I made $200/week. A bunch of us hung out and made a huge Thanksgiving meal (more pies than people). One girl didn’t so much cook so she decided she would be in charge of table decoration. She left for the Meier for inspiration and supplies and came back three HOURS later.

    I did not get that gene.

  2. adrianne says:

    ahhh, the I Suck At Crafts gene. i have that. i also have the Weak Chinned, Big Eared Cynic gene.
    if i were you, i wouldn’t be attending this thing in the first place, but since i’m NOT you and you ARE attending… just show up and plunk your containers on the table. (i didn’t get the Up For A Challenge gene.)

  3. The Dollar Tree is an amazing place!

  4. I also heart the Dollar Tree. But, I also do not have the Crafty-bug either. I’m a Costco tray plunker too. :)

  5. Personally, I like to ignore my subconscious!

    As far as the decorating, what do you mean we’re supposed to re-plate the Costco goodies? That’s why they come in neat little serving dishes! I guess I’m not much help to you there, either!


  6. MissM says:

    I agree… why replate? Cause then someone (and by someone I mean you) has to WASH that plate. Also, perfectly happy to stick my hand into a bag of chips. Bowl unnecessary.

  7. Well, if a fire starts you can stick some essential oils in it and kill 2 birs with one stone, so to speak. No, obviously I’m another “not-crafty” person.
    Good Luck!

  8. I don’t even want to know someone who replates. Candy is all you need. If there’s candy on the table, they will come. That sounded dirty.

  9. ilinap says:

    I am quite crafty. If by crafty you mean wily.

  10. Hell, in those situations I always bring along a craftacular friend because I? SUCK at that kind of thing too.

  11. I attended and it what fantastic! Great Job Deb. Your whole decor is fabulous and I love your style.

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