PROMPTuesday #76: Waz Up In There?

It’s story time!


Today’s PROMPT is:


A new maid comes to your home to clean, and as you’re about to leave to run an errand, you find her to say you’ll be right back, but instead of dusting, you see her in your bathroom rifling through your medicine cabinet. Tell the rest of the story.


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4 Responses to “PROMPTuesday #76: Waz Up In There?”

  1. Jennifer says:

    LOL, This is crazy. I’ve just begun my first job, in 3 years, as a personal housekeeper. This should be fun.

  2. San Diego Momma says:

    Oooo Jenn…can’t wait to hear your medicine cabinet dirt! :)

    Ili: I read that last weekish! It must have stuck in my mind and birthed a PROMPT!

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