PROMPTuesday #59: Decisions, Decisions

The Rock and I are in the process of making some major decisions on our future. Really BIG decisions. Ones that can change lives. Alter the trajectory of our existence even.


We might move to the suburbs.


I know.


But this is good, right? Costco proximity? Cul de sacs? Girl scouts? Crazy obsessive PTA moms?


I know.


Oh God. I’m hyperventilating.


So in between my brown bag breaths, let’s do this week’s PROMPTuesday:

What major decision(s) have you made in your life? What road did you take that led to something unexpected, or wonderful or not-so-wonderful-but-it-all-worked-out-in-the-end?


Maybe you decided to move somewhere. Or get married. Or have a child. Or not have a child. Or meet a psychotic starving artist and kiss him.


So go crazy! (A decision I made long ago and which for the most part, has worked out nicely.)


Meanwhile! Post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


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23 Responses to “PROMPTuesday #59: Decisions, Decisions”

  1. Leslie says:

    The suburbs scare me. Oh wait, I live in the suburbs… Yeah, they still scare me. Wanna trade places?

  2. Wade Nash says:

    Please read my post at the top of this page. The story of how I first decided to learn HTML.

  3. Wow–YOU rockin’ the suburbs? That would be excellent blog fodder;)

  4. We live in the suburbs, and are considering a move even farther out. To farmland! Where the kids can run for miles while barefoot and climb trees and swim in creeks. But the schools aren’t that great and can I really live that far away from a Target? I could have it all if I moved back to Oregon…

  5. Debrah says:

    I was asked to look on the cutting room floor this afternoon. There I found many different street signs that belonged to many roads I have crossed. Some roads were dead ends. Other roads that I looked at ran for miles with many pit stops available, waiting for me, laughing with me, laughing at me and so deservingly rightful.
    What intrigues me the most are the roads that have been crossed of the unexpected. That’s more than half of my existence. Without the unexpected, I would have never traveled so many wonderful offerings. I never looked for a husband. I looked for a job and found a pit stop. I never looked for kids; I looked for the warmth and love of being with the one I want. I never looked for creativity yet here I still am doing the unthinkable and still producing.
    Not all roads are wonderful, just like my days. Although I do cross them to smell the flowers waiting for me. I live for the unexpected because nothing obviously has brought me more happiness, than what I never wished for.
    Next time you come to that road where you know you need to take a left, make it a right, knowing that soon, you’ll be okay.

  6. i just had the same conversation with my husband. We are seriously considering a move out of the city and to a cute little suburb where the kids can ride there bikes in the street and I can walk the dog, well if I had one.

  7. kate says:

    hi. the suburbs bite.

    but only when you live next door to my next door neighbor.

    or when captain annoying lives two doors down.

    or when you want really good tacos.

    just so you know…

  8. Laurie Ann says:

    {I’m over the word count. sorry]
    One night after a particularly tender coupling, my boyfriend (and boss) of five years rolled over and said, “I’ve been seeing Mary since September,” and with that, it was over. My world crumbled before I could catch my next breath and a fog closed in around me. Days became weeks, then months, then a year. Before I knew it, the man who never wanted to get married was marrying her and I was working a double shift to cover for him. I found myself at the bottom of the totem pole at work, always getting the crappy assignments. My being there was a constant reminder of his deceit and he hated it. So did I.

    Then, I woke from a dream in the middle of the night in which a friend of mine was in a terrible car accident. In the dream, I hopped in my car and rushed down Sunset Blvd to the hospital where he lay injured. At the time of the dream, I lived in Pennsylvania. From that moment, I decided to leave my hometown and head to Los Angeles. In the fifteen years I’ve lived here, I have met the most diverse people, experience so many wonderful things and realized that my life did not end with that relationship. It began there.

  9. g says:

    Hi, Deb – I’m back. This was a good prompt.

    It was a fun exercise, a harrowing memory, and fun at the end.

    w w w . d o v e s 2 d a y . b l o g s p o t . c o m

    I don’t know why it doesn’t post when I include a real link…..

  10. Mama Mary says:

    Mine is up though I’m not sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for…Good luck with the move decision! I’m in the burbs and it blows. Not really, there are a lot of great things about it. Though EVERYONE has an SUV and if one more person parks so close to me so that I can’t get my kid’s friggin car seat in I might blow a gasket.

  11. g says:

    I can live in the city and I can live in the country, but I can’t live in the suburbs.

  12. Theresa says:

    I have lived in the city, the country and the suburbs. I have lived on a miltary base and now have bailed on the USA entirely. When we decided to move to Japan we asked ourselves three questions…1) Will we grow as a couple if we move? 2) Will Grace have opportunities to grow as a young person if we move? 3) Do the pros of leaving outweigh the reasons for staying?

    The answer to each was a resounding YES and we are so blessed as a result.

    The truth is that you will bloom where you are planted- that is just the truth of Deb and always has been. You will be YOU in the new place.

    PS- The suburbs were actually quite hilarious and I spent a lot of time trying not to laugh in people’s faces at PTA meetings. FYI- you and I were products of the suburbs and we are cool chicks. No matter where you live, your little ones will set the trends and be too cool for school- just like my Gracie.

  13. Meet me in the suburbs for lunch? I promise not to suck your brain out of your head and replace it with air.

  14. […] absolutely applaud Debbie for being on her tippy toes and working toward a huge decision. It’s daunting and exciting […]

  15. Nej says:

    Great prompt this week! I finally decided to jump in with both feet and give it a shot. :-)

  16. Our descision to leave our sweet little house in Santa Cruz, the city where Ken and I had fallen in love, gotten married, and started our family was a difficult one. We were leaving behind alot of collective history and some of the best friends we will ever have. The promise of a new job with new challenges and a house without paper thin walls was just too appealing to turn down.

    Has it been the switch to a perfect life? Not exactly. Sometimes I miss Santa Cruz so much it hurts. I miss the lack of redwood trees and liberals. I miss my friends with whom shared a long and rich history.

    Still, I also love life here in Carlsbad. I love the laid back Southern California lifestyle and the kid friendly parks and programs. I adore our library. Life in the suburbs is pretty wonderful (but then I was never a city girl). It is fun to live in a city that really functions well.

    I was laughing the other day realizing that if I had stayed in Santa Cruz my life would have been completely different. I would probably never have become a writer, never tried publishing my own guidebook, never had to grow as I am right now.

    We would love to have you in our neck of the woods, Deb. Still, I know you must follow your heart. I’m sure that you would be giving up alot and gaining alot by making the move.

  17. BTW Costco proximity rocks!!! LOL.

  18. San Diego Momma says:


    I love you.

    That is all.

    Except that Theresa is one of my very best friends from the fourth grade.

    And I love her exceptionally much.

  19. Crystal says:

    Mine’s up, it’s pretty lame, cuz I’m tooting my own horn and I feel like a dork about it now, but whatever.

  20. Da Goddess says:

    we love you, too. (and I’m super secretly happy that you could be in my neighborhood-ish region)

  21. ooh, i love this prompt! i have the perfect story to tell! now i just need to get around to telling it…
    and, ditto what Theresa said about being a product of the ‘burbs!

  22. Me says:

    I don’t live on a cul de sac, but I have three cul de sacs within walking distance AND I live in close proximity to a Costco.

    Also…also…also…I think I’m close to your dad.

    Hint Hint

  23. Lori Gilson says:

    I’ve lived in the suburbs my entire life. I had the same reaction you did when my husband and I moved to a major city. It didn’t take long to fit right in. It was different and strange, yet fun and interesting. We have since moved back to the suburbs where we feel more comfortable, but the city was a great experience.

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