The Follow-Up To That Which Did Not Make Sense in the First Place

Great! I’ve drawn you in with a clear, concise title to further explain the labyrinth post I wrote last week.


I think I’m beginning to understand why my husband sighs so heavily when I ask “to talk.”


So look. I’m just going to sum up with quick and clear sentences.


  • According to my records, I am to write wrote a post on an animal dream or an unsuccessful high school outfit.

  • MommyTime is to write wrote a post on her most embarrassing sports moment.

  • Blognut is to write wrote a pitch for a television series. Network or cable. Comedy or drama.

  • Cheri @ Blog This Mom! is to write wrote a post describing a typical day in the life of her alternate self in a parallel universe.

  • Karelle is to describe her perfect day…and then her nightmare day.

  • Stoneskin is to write wrote a post about Elvis, and a pink dressing gown, referencing Election Day 2012 and Madison Square Garden in NYC. (We’re rooting for ya, Mo!)

  • Cactus Petunia is to tell us wrote about a little thing that made her proud.

  • Tinsenpup is to write about an unusual/unique teacher, one she loved or hated or was just puzzled by.

  • She is to write wrote about which city is her favorite and why, taking care to mention how old she was when she lived there, for how long, and any fond memories of the place and if she happens to know, what’s changed since she left.

  • Jennifer wrote about the woman in the background of her blog — the one who is dancing and jumping and excited.

  • Katydidnot is to write wrote about a day in her life if she were an animal (of her choosing).

  • G is to write wrote about her most favorite movie and why she loves it.

  • Amanda is to write wrote about the worst decision she thinks she’s made in her life and why — and if she so chooses, she can also write the best decision she made and why.

  • Jessica is to write about a smell that immediately takes her back somewhere or reminds her of something.

  • Mel is to write about a movie/television star that most resembles her.

  • Jamie is to write from the perspective of a makeup artist at the Oscars…and must tell us what’s going on there.

  • Janet at Fond of Snape is to write about her worst kiss. (Because, as Kizz points out: Everybody only talks about the good ones!)

  • Kizz is to write about an assumption that she would change that people make about her. (Or, why lists tickle her fancy).

    If you want to play along and get tagged to write a post, read this , or save yourself the brain cells that will die as you wrap your mind around whatever the hell it is I wrote, and instead leave a comment on the post with a post idea for the commenter before you. THEN, check back in the comments box for your post topic.


    Oh Good Lord.


    I’ll get clear and concise one of these days.


    If you want to leave a link to your post inspired by commenters, do so here:



    Or, for a link list of those who’ve written posts suggested by readers, click here.


10 Responses to “The Follow-Up To That Which Did Not Make Sense in the First Place”

  1. stoneskin says:

    What are the chances huh? The Brit gets to write about an election he knows barely anything about…

    I’ll see what I can do.

    Do I understand this correctly, we just write the post and link back to this one? I’ll assume that’s the case.

  2. g says:

    I see this as a virtual game of Twister, only for writing!!!

    Amanda has tapped me to write about my favorite movie, and why I love it.

  3. So . . . Deb, I changed my mind about my parallel universe. I thought you should be the first to know. Go see.

  4. Danielle says:

    ah man I wish I could have gotten the post about Elvis. I have a real life story that I could have used…Maybe I’ll write about it anyway.

  5. […] PROMPTuesday up early this week. For two reasons. One: It’s pretty much done for me with the whole post tag team thing we’ve got going, and Two: I expect to be up all night busily searching boxes for old […]

  6. […] is my contribution to the blog post tag team. MommyTime asked that I write about an animal dream or an unsuccessful high school outfit, […]

  7. Sheesh! This one was HARD!

  8. Da Goddess says:

    I’m kinda glad I didn’t play along cuz I’m lost. And that’s how I’ve spent most of my week. Lost, confused, and not amused.

    Needless to say, I’ve missed you.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I forgot about the linky thing. One day, when we’re rich, we’ll have our home movies put onto DVD’s, then Youtube will be flooded with our follies, talents and junk. Hahaha

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